Van het naadje en de kous

The National Museum of Education in Dordrecht (Onderwijsmuseum) lets you take a dive into the evolution of crafts classes in school from 1900 till now with its new exhibition : Van het naadje en de kous.


Arna is THE naturist campsite to go to on the Atlantic Coast in France.

Global Affairs

Global Affairs is a Dutch fair trade brand for children's toys and home styling, twice a year a new catalogue is created to present their new products.


This project is a concept proposal for the new identity of Ammeraal, global conveyor belt company.

Ahold Values

Ahold values are the five statements defining their philosophy.

Responsible Investment Zurich

Zurich’s responsible investment strategy is based on 3 interconnecting areas .


Pharmalead is the biggest network of pharmacists in The Netherlands, a team of trained and inspired professionals ready to help.