Van het naadje en de kous

The National Museum of Education in Dordrecht (Onderwijsmuseum) lets you take a dive into the evolution of crafts classes in school from 1900 till now with its new exhibition : Van het naadje en de kous.


Arna is THE naturist campsite to go to on the Atlantic Coast in France.

Responsible Investment Zurich

Zurich’s responsible investment strategy is based on 3 interconnecting areas .

Global Affairs

Global Affairs is a Dutch fair trade brand for children's toys and home styling, twice a year a new catalogue is created to present their new products.


Pharmalead is the biggest network of pharmacists in The Netherlands, a team of trained and inspired professionals ready to help.

Ahold Values

Ahold values are the five statements defining their philosophy.


This project is a concept proposal for the new identity of Ammeraal, global conveyor belt company.