L1NDA Connect

Rebranding for better growth

Creating a brand ecosystem for a successful digital company broadening their offer and positioning themselves as product editor.

Client: L1NDA
Website: l1nda.com
Services: Branding


How does our identity evolve when launching new products?

Our company has built enough trust from our clients, we understand their needs better and we now want to develop new services for them. How do we communicate about our new products and how do we create a sense of unity for all our assets?


Being ready for future changes.

When joining L1NDA’s team for the launch of their new application they were  already far ahead in the positioning and the development phase. We worked together on creating a strategy for the name and the identity of L1NDA Connect and possible future products.

While they are initially known for an efficient solution as staff planner in hospitality, they saw an opportunity to connect workers and businesses, and realise a transparent flexwork marketplace.


A name with a twist.

After analysing and selecting the strongest assets of L1NDA’s current identity, I found a simple way for them to associate the name and add a visual twist to the typography. Each new product will have its own personality while being part of the same ecosystem.

“Lucie collaborated professionally with our team. She made sure she understood our story and easily translated it into strong identity assets for the future of L1NDA.”

Merel Kloots Product Manager