Spa with a splash

Les Bassins d'Arna

Les Bassins d’Arna is beautiful spa nested in the heart of a 5,000m2 green space. Relax while enjoying the lush vegetation and birdsongs after a recharging algae body wrap.

Client: Arnaoutchot
Services: Art Direction


We love nature, we want to prove it!

Arna is a naturist camping committed to offer the best stay to all their guests and their well-being in nature, therefore The Bassins d’Arna and The Jardins d’Arna were created. The camping keeps improving their facilities while blending seamlessly with their surroundings. How do we communicate about all our new initiatives?


New entities within our identity,
makes sense… right?

The challenge of this project was to create not just one but two identities and ideally a system that would enable the client to have a line of communication for all their sub-brands. The common point to these projects is Arna but they all have a specific function within the camping. The answer is in the details, one simple line can say a lot.


Water for peace, earth for growth.

The spa and gardens of Arna share the same typography but one is water and the other one is earth. The spa uses blues and nude colours while the gardens have leafy greens and natural browns. What will be the next addition to Arna’s tribe?

“Quote Barbara...”

Barbara Pavie Owner Arnaoutchot