Sustainability Report

Better, easier, more fun, Hema.

Besides making life easier and more fun, Hema’s ambition is to make sustainability accessible for everyone. All results of the past year, initiatives and new goals for sustainability are presented in their yearly report, in English but also In Dutch, German and French.

Client: Hema
Services: Graphic Design, infographics


We need a clear overview of our results and new ambitions.

Hema’s sustainability team is committed to general improvement on many levels, raw materials, packaging, production chain, social impact etc. are all subject of attention. How do we create a document reflecting our progress, commitments and initiatives?



Sustainability as part of our business strategy

Together with HEMA’s sustainability team we defined which part of the report could be visualised with infographics in order to show the range of their actions and how they are connected to the brand’s strategy. Under 6 main themes, economic, environment, raw materials, social, production chain and society, all different initiatives are working towards a better brand for the future and are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Communicate complex content in a simple way.

While working with HEMA’S visual guidelines and a set of illustrations created for the sustainability department I used the hand drawn lines to guide the eye through the document and created new icons and infographics to fit the new content and strategy. We wanted to communicate complex content in a simple (gewoon) HEMA way.