Tactile Visual Systems

I participated to the workshop Tactile Visual Systems of Design Werkstatt led by Martin Lorenz and Lupi Asensio. In 3 days time we were challenged to create 2 visual systems with no computer. A true HANDS ON experience! Even though we were free in material choices and construction, we had to stick to the rules and set fixed and variable parameters.

My first system is made of a 3×3 grid made of transparent boxes filled with 3 tints of one colored syrup.
The magic of that system is that it could easily evolve to more complex grids and patterns.

The second system uses 5 koper sticks placed in a perforated grid which is covered by a pair of black tights. The object itself was evolving visually when being rotated so I played with overlays of its different shapes.

The ultimate challenge of this workshop was to present the end results at the conference Typo Berlin.