The Belting Family

Rebranding concept for Ammeraal

Concept proposal for the new identity of Ammeraal, global conveyor belt company after a fusion with new business partners.

Client: Ammeraal
Services: Branding
Creative Direction: Twofish


How do we include our news partners in our brand DNA?

When expending a business with new partners the whole identity of the brand is challenged. Do we need a revolution or an evolution? Can we use the best of each partners to create something new and reflecting our future plans?


The right belts for the right industries.

The advertising agency TwoFish asked me to come up with a solution for Ammeral as an “umbrella” brand for its different groups. A dynamic system allows the brand to attribute a unique visual language to each of its branch while belonging to the same family.


One line, 5 fields of expertise.

For this solution it was interesting to realize all the main ingredients were in the 4 new partners practice. Having one common thread running through 5 different industries, I could create a unique pattern for each world and select colours supporting this unity.