Threads and Needles

Van het naadje en de kous

Take a dive into the evolution of crafts classes from 1900 till now with the exhibition : Van het naadje en de kous, shown at The National Museum of Education in Dordrecht (Onderwijsmuseum).

Client: Onderwijs Museum Dordrecht
Services: Art Direction


How do we present 300 knitted baby socks and keep everyone interested?

The National Museum of Education of Dordrecht gathered one of the biggest collection of samples of handworks made at school from 1900 till now. How do you display so many objects and most importantly how do you connect them all to create a story?


From the first stitches to the catwalk.

Together with Ilona Laurijsse, we developed a concept where visitors walk through an installation of banners, surrounded by knitted baby clothes and embroidery techniques. They can also strike a pose or challenge their own skills on the catwalk/table in the center of the exhibition.


A fresh look on history.

While the collection displays a certain nostalgia, the general mood is cheerful and crisp. We chose to combine modern typography and a bright colour palette to guide the eye through the  banners’ maze. The making of the exhibition itself is a brilliant example of craft itself since everything was hand sewn to the banners.

Photography: Sarah-Dona van Beelen

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