Van het naadje en de kous

The National Museum of Education in Dordrecht (Onderwijsmuseum) lets you take a dive into the evolution of crafts classes in school from 1900 till now with its new exhibition :
Van het naadje en de kous.

Together with Ilona Laurijsse, we developed a concept to present the many samples and examples made by students from 6 to 21 years old. Visitors walk through an installation of banners, surrounded by knitted baby clothes and embroidery techniques. The catwalk/table in the center of the space allows them to either strike a pose or challenge their own skills.

While the collection displays a certain nostalgia, the general mood is cheerful and crisp. We chose to combine modern typography and a bright colour palette to guide the eye through the  banners’ labyrinth. The making of the exhibition itself is a brilliant example of craft since everything is hand sewn to the banners.

Photography: Sarah-Dona van Beelen